Aclara s purpose is to help the world meet an accelerated schedule to achieve descarbonization.The planet requires resolute initiatives to radically change our energy consumption patterns in the short term. Aclara is committed to providing a sustainable solution for technologies aimed at substantially and speedily improving the environment.ProductPure and clean concentrates that will not generate environmentally harmful waste throughout the value chain.ProcessDesigned to minimize environmental impact and maximize quality.ClientsPartnerships with companies who share the urgency and level of environmental commitment to protect our planet.PeopleDiverse team moved by the importance of the environmental footprint, social impact and business results.CommunitiesTransparent and meaningful relationships to make our neighbors proud of their land ́s contribution to the decarbonization of the planet.EnvironmentLand restoration beyond the state in which it was found.KnowledgeFocus on innovation to disrupt every aspect of our enterprise.