Climate change needs to be addressed now.

We are Aclara, a future producer of sustainable rare earths to accelerate the electric revolution.

We are proud to present Aclara, a company committed to providing a sustainable solution for technologies aimed at improving our environment. Our main asset is an ionic clay, heavy rare earths deposit located in southern Chile. We have a very simple operation but will produce a highly differentiated product: clean rare earths. Our process has been designed to minimize environmental impact and maximize product quality: we focus on recycling water, our main reagent is a fertilizer and instead of a tailings dam we will leave behind a forest. Our goal is to supply to the most sophisticated customers, those who develop highly efficient technologies and who share our sense of urgency to protect our planet. Aclara is more than rare earths, we were born to ensure that the decarbonization of our planet occurs as fast as possible.“As the world enters the electric revolution and looks for solutions to the climate crisis, Aclara will provide critical rare earths to ensure that EVs, wind turbines and other green technologies succeed and prevail. We believe that the environment comes first, and our operations will reflect that commitment. Our objective is to become a sustainable, independent, Western producer of heavy rare earths, enabling the transition to a cleaner, decarbonized planet. Climate change needs to be addressed now, there is no more time. We see ourselves as a cornerstone provider of materials to make urgent environmental commitments happen. We see Aclara as part of the solution to change our planet for the better.”
-Ramón Barúa, CEO & Director-